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Roof Repair in Conroe; Is Your Roof Prepared For Winter?

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With winter less than three weeks away, show your roof some admiration this fall and schedule an inspection today! That way, you do not end up with a roofing emergency or excessive energy costs this winter. The NRCA recommends getting a professional roof evaluation from a local Conroe roofing contractor twice a year. The spring and fall are the two most ideal times to do this so you can keep your roof healthy and functioning to its maximum potential. If there is a heavy storm that does damage to your area it is also a good time to get a storm damage inspection for good measure.

Parts of Your Home to Examine This Fall:

  • Check periodically for accumulated leaves or anything else that could have found its way into your gutters, especially around the downspouts. If you really want to be sure they are draining well observe them while it is raining or use a garden hose to pour water down them. If there are a lot of trees that surround your home it is a good idea to complete this all year will really help you avoid expensive repairs to your home that can happen from clogged gutters.
  • Perform an extensive examination of your roof including all of the components that go along with it and any rooftop appliances that may be installed. Choosing a reputable Conroe roofer to handle this inspection will grant you confidence and peace of mind that it is done accurately.
  • Remove all of the tree limbs and branches that are within ten feet of your home. If necessary, you may have to have the entire tree removed. Be sure to also remove any branches that are looming over your roof. This will greatly decrease the chances for your roof and other parts of your home to be damaged during a severe storm.

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Proper and routine maintenance is an essential part of maintaining your home, and the roof is the primary defender that protects it from the elements. Do not let the fall pass by without getting a professional inspection. Our Conroe roofing installation and roof repair team are eager to serve you!!!

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December 1, 2020
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